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Posted by Jorge Antico on 16 June 2015 05:54 PM


Marketing Strategy 450 px

Aftermarket automotive service training gurus tell shop owners that we have to spend 5 to 7 percent of gross sales in marketing as a strategy for growth. 

This money is spent between the two competing objectives:

  • Bringing in new cars, and increasing car counts.

  • Holding onto the customers you have. By doing that, you won't have to replace as many lost customers. 

Marketing channels

Acquiring new customers -- when done properly -- uses omni-channel communication. That simply means that shops use multiple channels to communicate with customers and potentail customers, such as:

  • Mass mailers, penny savers, banners, welcome wagons, etc.
  • Newspaper, magazine, TV or radio advertising
  • Responsive website (tablets/cell friendly)
  • Reputation building and management (online reviews)
  • Content management (shop updates content frequently/easily)
  • Blog with fresh content
  • A/B marketing with call tracking
  • Google AdWords/Pay-per-click (PPP)/Re-targeting
  • Social media propogation (blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Google+, etc.)

This is a huge subject that we will cover in more detail in future blogs. If shops want inbound traffic, we have to orchestrate production and distribution of content that may be better left to one or more third-party service providers.

The new web ranking rules no longer are manipulated by link farming or artificial traffic generation. Any type of Black Hat methods are penalized terribly so no-one does it anymore.  

How to win at automotive service marketing

The winning formula is to create awareness of your shop's existence by fulfilling your communities' need for automotive service-related information. This "social" strategy depends on creating fresh content so that visitors benefit from it, thus we become a resource! This is the way you get to:

  1. The first page of searches.
  2. Start adding new customers regularly.

In the old days, Yellow Page ads had a predictable return on investment. Today it's no longer true. Many shops don't even have a Yellow Page ad.  

In the next series of blog posts, I will focus on the omni-channel social marketing octopus and the types of automated solutions that are available to automotive service shop owners.

The good news is that communication technology is evolving so fast that most of this stuff can be automated! I will show you how successful shops are funding both new customer acquisition and existing customer retention.

Got a question?

Learning new marketing techniques is a challenge, especially with all of the other tasks shop owners have to do.  Send me your questions to  I read your emails and respond to all questions related to the focus of our blogs.

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