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Service Intelligence 360 - Weekly Training Sessions
Posted by Rod Caballero on 21 November 2016 12:58 PM

Please join us for our weekly webinar training session on how to use the Service Intelligence 360 CRM system.

During the "Increasing Sales and Improving Customer Loyalty at The Front Counter" training, a representative from Service Intelligence will be on hand in the conference room to explain basic functions, new features, advanced tips, and answer any of your questions.  

During the "Repair Shop Precision Marketing - Reducing the cost per acquisition" training, you can learn how to get the most from your CRM benefit from such features as thank you notes, Appointment reminders, Declined Work and postcards, and several other new functions.

Workshop Sessions

------Increasing Sales and Improving Customer Loyalty at The Front Counter------
• Wednesdays 11am-12pm PST ->
• Wednesdays 3pm-4pm PST ->

------Repair Shop Precision Marketing - Reducing the cost per acquisition------
• Wednesdays 9am-10am PST ->
• Wednesdays 1pm-2pm PST ->

------Training videos for quick convenient learning on how to use ServiceIntelligence------


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Buying the right Color Laser Printer
Posted by Jorge Antico on 21 August 2016 11:35 AM

Buying the right Color Laser Printer


The printing of service vehicle profiles either Summary or Progress reports at the point of sale are most effective when printed on nice stock in full color. But color laser print cartriges are expensive.


Don't buy the cheapest color laser printer! The reason is that the marketing guys get you in the end by over-charging for toner refills. From time to time is makes sense to get updated on the latest printers.

If you don't like HP Printers, try using the following search for more options: 

This is a great choice (according to 605 product reviews!)

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Guerrilla Marketing for Automotive Service Winners
Posted by Jorge Antico on 16 June 2015 05:54 PM


Marketing Strategy 450 px

Aftermarket automotive service training gurus tell shop owners that we have to spend 5 to 7 percent of gross sales in marketing as a strategy for growth. 

This money is spent between the two competing objectives:

  • Bringing in new cars, and increasing car counts.

  • Holding onto the customers you have. By doing that, you won't have to replace as many lost customers. 

Marketing channels

Acquiring new customers -- when done properly -- uses omni-channel communication. That simply means that shops use multiple channels to communicate with customers and potentail customers, such as:

  • Mass mailers, penny savers, banners, welcome wagons, etc.
  • Newspaper, magazine, TV or radio advertising
  • Responsive website (tablets/cell friendly)
  • Reputation building and management (online reviews)
  • Content management (shop updates content frequently/easily)
  • Blog with fresh content
  • A/B marketing with call tracking
  • Google AdWords/Pay-per-click (PPP)/Re-targeting
  • Social media propogation (blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Google+, etc.)

This is a huge subject that we will cover in more detail in future blogs. If shops want inbound traffic, we have to orchestrate production and distribution of content that may be better left to one or more third-party service providers.

The new web ranking rules no longer are manipulated by link farming or artificial traffic generation. Any type of Black Hat methods are penalized terribly so no-one does it anymore.  

How to win at automotive service marketing

The winning formula is to create awareness of your shop's existence by fulfilling your communities' need for automotive service-related information. This "social" strategy depends on creating fresh content so that visitors benefit from it, thus we become a resource! This is the way you get to:

  1. The first page of searches.
  2. Start adding new customers regularly.

In the old days, Yellow Page ads had a predictable return on investment. Today it's no longer true. Many shops don't even have a Yellow Page ad.  

In the next series of blog posts, I will focus on the omni-channel social marketing octopus and the types of automated solutions that are available to automotive service shop owners.

The good news is that communication technology is evolving so fast that most of this stuff can be automated! I will show you how successful shops are funding both new customer acquisition and existing customer retention.

Got a question?

Learning new marketing techniques is a challenge, especially with all of the other tasks shop owners have to do.  Send me your questions to  I read your emails and respond to all questions related to the focus of our blogs.

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A Smart CRM in Action: Building consumer trust and loyalty
Posted by Jorge Antico on 05 November 2014 10:49 AM


A smart CRM that features personalized service recommendations generates customer trust. Trust is the foundation upon which automotive shops can build a storehouse of loyal customers, who recommend the shop to family and friends. And the cycle repeats.

So there’s a lot riding on your CRM.

Remember that customer who got a personalized service recommendation from your shop’s smart CRM, and she was able to avoid an air filter replacement?

Well, let’s look deeper at what happened in this transaction.

Your accurate, trusted service recommendations help the customer in a few ways:

  • She maintains a safe vehicle.
  • Her vehicle’s resale value grows.
  • You’re helping her cut costs.
  • She will be more likely to buy a service you recommend.

This transaction built trust in the customer. As a result, she’ll keep coming back to you—instead of looking to the mechanic down the street. You’ve effectively put a stop to the madness and frustration customers experience in the search for a trusted mechanic.

But there’s even more.

Because she now trusts you, she’ll recommend your shop to others.

As you do this for each of your customers, you’ll quickly build a storehouse of loyal, repeat customers who will sing your praises to every person with a vehicle problem or repair that they come across.

With eAutoClub’s dynamic CRM, you get a service that—at drop off—provides both the service writer and vehicle owner with ultra-accurate service alerts, based on the shop’s service records, time elapsed and miles driven. Contact us for more information!  |  Testimonials since 1999

ServiceIntelligence "Auto Care Made Easy", previously licensed and distributed under the Mitchell1™ and Snap-On™ brands, is designed for automotive service and tire dealers using Mitchell1 Manager™/Shop Key™, R.O. Writer™, AllData™, MaxxTraxx™, Costar™, Lankar™, PACE Yes™, NapaTracs™, and other shop management computer systems.


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Marketing does not work like it use to
Posted by Jorge Antico on 07 February 2014 10:41 AM

Linked-In discussion thread

Super interesting thread. I read the whole discussion with much interest. I am with George C. on this one.

Marketing does not work like it use to. Speaking with Dave Piper of Dave's Lamont St Auto Repair In San Diego, CA, he told me that in the 80's a Yellow Page ad for $5K per month would yield $20K in new customers' work. Today, nothing you spend the $5K on will produce that kind of huge return. The world has changed. Our customers are blasted from every direction with deals and empty promises. It's like trying to have a conversation in a loud nightclub.

Shops that understand the new realities have a strong presence on the web with a CMS (content management system) that integrates SEO (search engine optimization), a blog that is interesting, timely and relevant, online reviews with an excellent reputation, PPC (pay per click adds so that people typing in searches for key words see you at the top of on the first page), online appointment capabilities and a mobile friendly website (a responsive site that adjust to smaller screen sizes).

But at the core of a successful growth strategy is keeping your customers delighted with your "signature" service. They are your ambassadors by word of month and online advertising you to the world.

Check out our new website -

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Jason Hood, Owner – Cooper Fuel & Auto Repair, Bremerton, WA
Posted by Ann Antico on 09 October 2013 01:26 PM

“Finally, someone has designed a system that actually helps me provide BETTER SERVICE to my customers, all while making my job easier. Service Intelligence is customizable so that it tracks maintenance and makes recommendations the way I want it to. I love it! I have used CustomerLink, MechanicNet, and Mitchell1 CRM, to find out that I was sending my customers unnecessary recommendations, because the vehicle's service history was not being tracked. That is not how any shop gains a customer’s trust. Now, I just print a very professional looking Vehicle Service Report, present it to my customer at the counter, and show them exactly what their vehicle needs now, and what services are not due until a later date. This report is also sent to my customer’s email when the next service is due. This has proven to be successful in many ways, including a higher level of customer loyalty, and a substantial ARO increase. And, the SI Support Department can’t be beat! Service Intelligence is what I have been waiting for!"

Jason Hood, Owner – Cooper Fuel & Auto Repair, Bremerton, WA

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