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ServiceIntelligence POS and CRM UPDATE 9.5.657 / 08.25.2016 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 1) APPLIED UPDATES FORSIPOS95-278 C & D AUTO - WRONG COUPONS BEING SENT AT WRONG SERVICE REMINDER GROUP ( []) 2) WORKED ONSIPOS95-418 WIP AUTOMATION - NOT SHOWING STATUS DESCRIPTION IN RO WRITER
SI V9.5 UPDATE 665 CUMULATIVE RELEASE NOTES OVERVIEW This purpose of this document is to define the all the bug fixes, enhancement and new features added to each SIUpdate.exe release. COMPONENTS SIUPDATE.EXE RELEASED VERSIONS AND ITEMS INCLUDED: VERSION 658 - RELEASE DATE 10/20/16 SIPOS95-427 Implemented condition in TMP reports if SI Comm make syncs in background SIPOS95-328 Apointment reminders being sent to people who do not have appointments SIPOS95-447 Declined work showing quotations ...